Test of English as Foreign Language

TOEFL is to evaluate the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English. TOEFL is the test that can take you anywhere, if you are planning to study abroad. The TOEFL test is offered in 180 countries around the world. Paper-based version of the test is administered in place where access to Internet-based testing is limited.

TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 6000 colleges, universities and licensing agencies in 136 countries* (Source:, much ahead of any other test scores in the world, and about 4,300 test centres around the world makes taking the test convenient and easy. The test gives various flexible options on when, where and how often you can take the test, with a lot of practice materials, than any most of the other English-language test in the world.

TOEFL measures your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in English, and your ability to use and understand Standard American English in a university classroom.

The Students who are specially applying for the USA and Canada are advised to take this test. However, TOEFL is accepted by most institutions around the world. There are three versions of TOEFL tests and students can prepare and register for any version available as per their interest and availability of the test at test centres located within the country.

The TOEFL has the following format:

Internet Based Next Generation TOEFL (iBT)Computer Based TOEFL (cBT)Paper-Based TOEFL(pBT)
Test Time4 hours3.5 hours3 hours
Integrated TaskYesNoNo
Note TakingYesNoNo
Computer TutorialsNoYesNA
Computer AdaptiveNo- Listening and Structure are computer-adaptiveNA
Listening- 4-6 lectures, some with classroom discussion (each 3-5 minutes long, 6 questions each)

- 2-3 conversations (each 3 - 5 minutes long, 5 questions each)

- Introduction of additional native English accents

- Time: 60 to 90 minutes
- 11-17 dialogues (1 question each)

- 2-3 short conversations (each up to 1 minute long, 2-3 questions each)

- 4-6 mini-lectures and discussions (each up to 2 minutes long, 3-6 questions each)

- Time: 40-60 minutes
- 3-4 mini talks (each 60-90 seconds long, 3-5 questions each)

- 2-3 extended conversations (each 60-90 seconds long, 3-5 questions each)

- 30-40 dialogues (each 5-15 seconds long, 1 question each)

- Time: 30 - 40 minutes
Speaking 6 Tasks

- 2 independent tasks - express an opinion on a familiar topic

- 4 integrated tasks - speak based on what is read and heard

- Up to 30 seconds to prepare the response and up to 1 minute to respond

-Time: 20 minutes
Reading- 3-5 passages from academic texts

- Approximately 700 words long

- 12-14 questions for each passage

- Time: 60-100 minutes
- 4-5 passages from academic texts (250-350 words long)

- 11 questions per passage

- Time: 70-90 minutes
- 5 passages from academic texts (250-350 words long)

- 10 questions per passage

- Time: 55 minutes
Writing- 2 Tasks
- 1 integrated task - write based on what is read and heard
- 1 independent task - support an opinion on a topic

- Typing required
- Rating: 0-5 points

- Time: 50 minutes (20 minutes for integrated task and 30 minutes for independent task)
- 1 Tasks

- 1 independent task - support an opinion on a topic

- Typing optional

- Rating: 0-6 points, combined with Structure

- Time: 30 minutes
- 1 Tasks

- 1 independent task (Test of Written English)

- Rating: 0-6 points, reported separately on score report

- Handwriting only

- Time: 30 minutes
- No grammar section, although grammar is evaluated in Speaking and Writing responses- 20-25 questions
- Time: 15-20 minutes
- 40 questions
- Time: 40 minutes

Other Information:

Exam Fee Test Validity Full Marks Minimum Requirement
US $165 2 Years cBT – 300 173 (UG*) & 213 (G*)
pBt – 677 500 (UG*) & 550 (G*)
iBT – 120 70 (UG*) & 80 (G*)

*varies according to institutions/courses

Please note that PBT (Paper Based Test) TOEFL is no longer available in Nepal. CBT (Computer Based Test) TOEFL has been discontinued worldwide. The iBT TOEFL test takers can send their scores for free to up to four colleges or universities by designating their names from within their profile. This must be done at least one day before your test. Any additional score report for iBT TOEFL costs $17 per report.

TOEFL Preparation at ICS:

ICS provides a preparation course lasting for six-weeks on iBT version of the TOEFL for its students. The course duration is thirty-two hours and the sessions are facilitated an hour a day at students’ suitable timings.

All our students have an opportunity of carrying out all their practice tests in the Self Accessible Lab. Every Sunday, teachers organize tests for the students on the computers in the lab to boost their self-confidence. This practice also makes them well acquainted with the test procedures and discards all kinds of fear prior to their real test.

Admissions are open every Single Monday all you have to do is just come over and register any day of the week for a class at your convenient time and start the class the following Monday.

Useful links related to TOEFL (for more information about test & the test dates available in your preferred test centre) the more information about next generation TOEFL test)